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Marc Dingena

I love code, electronic music, and a nice glass of spiced rum.


I love code. It's a tool in my life that I use extensively to automate all sorts of things: smart home, farming robots, and almost everything in my day-time job. My favorite language is JavaScript. After many years of frontend development, I'm excited to learn more about the backend. Isomorphic JavaScript makes this very accessible for me.


Whether it's about home improvement, the next app, or webdesign, I'm always bursting with ideas. I like thinking in solutions for problems. Not all ideas are equally good, or survive the test of time, but that's never stopped me. I want to be surrounded by like-minded people, preferably when they're smarter than me. It's the simplest way to become better myself!


In my spare time – if there is any left – I love mixing music almost as much as I love mixing drinks. I also like cooking, though I wouldn't say I'm very good at it. I just enjoy the process after a long day of work. These things bring a peaceful balance to my otherwise hectic life.

About Me

I'm a software developer. Officially, my job is to apply the principles of engineering, analytics, and computer science toward the development and testing of software and applications — which is a fancy way of saying I turn caffeine into code.

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been intrigued by the wonderful world of the Internet. I started learning about webdesign in 2001, which has grown into a huge passion of mine since then. My love for the web keeps me updated on new developments in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SEO. Besides developing websites, I also take care of their effectiveness in search engines. In the past, I’ve analysed websites of companies all over the world — maybe soon I’ll do yours?


self-taught languages that I code fluently, plus a handful more which I'm learning right now


years of
front-end development


years of
search engine optimisation


years of


Frontend Web Development
Backend Web Development
Isomorphic JavaScript
Search Engine Optimisation
User Experience

The webdesign landscape changes all the time. Only a couple of years ago, there was a clear distinction between frontend and backend. Nowadays, the two areas are bleeding into each other. As such, I’ve started to explore developments in backend design — and there are truly exciting things happening there. My favorite developments of recent years are in the JavaScript domain — React and Node.js to name a couple.

I design websites — not only for business but also for my own personal pleasure. In order to fully comprehend all these new techniques, I spend a lot of time developing my own projects. My oldest and longest running project is Tjoonz, a music archive since 2008 with over 2.500 mixes.

Because I personally benefit from enhancing the SEO performance of my websites, I continuously learn about developments in this area. All of that expertise can be used for your projects.

Just a tip of the iceberg

For a detailed skillset and working experience, grab a copy of my CV — and discover what I have to offer you or your company.

Development Portfolio

Date: 2017-10-31

Client: Ericsson Network Services

Skills: SQL Server, Visual Basic, MS Access

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During my years with Ericsson I’ve developed many tools to automate my work, making it more efficient and less sensitive to human error. To help with deployment, I developed my own build pipeline with an automated build procedure at the click of a button.

I've created a product that processes a few million records every 15 minutes for near real-time performance monitoring, and presents key performance indicator reports in a customised WordPress front-end. This product provides a 24/7 service to our customer, one of the largest telecom operators in The Netherlands.

Tjoonz (website)

Tjoonz (website)

My playground for webdesign, a personal music archive of electronic dance music mixtapes. Launched in 2008, and currently hosting over 2,500 mixes. Curated by Mike Scantland.

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