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  • July 12, 2017

In my heart, I think I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, but I’ve never really understood why. This year I’ve finally reached a decision: I’m migrating down under!

Since that decision, a lot is stuff is hurled in my direction. I’m dealing with a house that needs to be prepared for the market, wrapping things up at work, answering a gazillion questions from friends and family, and comforting a pregnant wife!

The house is coming along nicely now. Leaks have been fixed, new toilets are being installed and will last another generation or two! People at my job have responded positively to my decision, including upper management. They’ve actually dealt with this stuff before, which is a perk of working at a large world-wide corporation, I guess. Since I don’t have a fixed date for the migration, my work-exit is also pretty much up in the air. So we’ve all agreed I’ll just keep working as before, like nothing’s happened. When I know more about the migration, there will still be plenty of time to take care of handing over my work to my replacement.

My wife has been excited about this decision, but her priority right now is staying healthy and ready for our baby. Just a couple more weeks 🙂 Luckily, everything on the baby side of life has been dealt with already. The rooms are prepared, we’ve got all the necessary (and unnecessary) baby stuff. We’re ready for this!

Friends and family have reacted positively too, although with mixed feelings. Nobody wants to see us leave, but if they were us, they would totally do it too! I wonder how many of them will actually make the trip down to Australia once we’ve settled in. It’s a bloody long flight! But I can personally confirm: it’s worth it!

Currently, I’m aiming to migrate as early as winter 2018. That’s Q1 2018… because, yeah… it’ll be summer in Australia 🙂 I think any earlier than that just isn’t realistic, with the newborn baby, the house on the market, and probably our last Christmas in The Netherlands for a while. I personally hope we don’t have to wait much longer than that, but you can’t really plan that far ahead with all these variables at the moment.

Speaking of variables, I’m looking forward to really start using my website for sharing more about my passion: code.

Marc Dingena

I love coding, cooking, and cocktails. I'm maintaining an online mix archive at (currently curated by Mike Scantland). I'm currently living in Maastricht, The Netherlands with my wife, but I'm looking to migrate to Australia in the near future.

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